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Digital Auto Advisors

We Help Companies Solve Problems

Offering automotive technology consulting and automotive intelligence services from an experienced team. We are people who have "been there, done that," not consultants without real world experience.

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Services and Offerings

M&A Strategy – Buy/Sell and Fundraising

We have a team of people who have built and sold businesses and people who have raised extensive amounts of outside capital.  We can help you in preparing to raise capital or sell your business. We can also help in finding outside capital and selling your company.  We are ready to talk.

Market Intelligence in Automotive Technology

Many companies are trying to understand various components of the complex automotive vertical. Often the company is looking for market intelligence in a segment such as auto lending. Other people are trying to understand how the F&I process in a dealership really works. The rapid changes in how dealers market and sell cars online is changing almost monthly. If you need to get market intelligence fast to help your organization make decisions, we are connected to the industry and can get the information you need quickly.

F&I Product Technology and Consulting

The automotive marketplace was rapidly changing pre COVID 19 and now is changing even more rapidly.  F&I product sales are more important going forward as dealers’ margins are compressed further and consumers' desires for a streamlined process online is increasing. There are many different options that F&I product providers, F&I agencies, and dealers need to be looking at. The team at Digital Auto Advisors has experience in dealing with changing market conditions and advancement in technology. We are ready to help the market evolve F&I technology and can help direct dealers and the F&I product vertical to figure out what is right for their customers.

F&I Product Cancelations for Auto Lenders

An area that most auto lenders are closely looking at is F&I product cancellations due to payoffs or repossessions. The CFPB, State Insurance Boards, as well as many other federal and state agencies are looking at how lenders and dealers return cancellation proceeds on unearned F&I product premiums back to consumers. There are auto lenders today that are paying big fines and law firms that are advertising for class action lawsuits against lenders. If you need help looking at your internal processes or help evaluating your outsourced processes, the Digital Auto Advisors team are subject matter experts in understanding all aspects of F&I product cancellations relative to the auto lender, F&I product providers, and auto dealers.

Automotive Financial Services Consulting

As the car dealer business is changing, auto lenders are examining how they need to change. The auto finance segment is dominated by the indirect lending model. Will it always be an indirect lending model or will direct lending start to increase or even a hybrid of direct and indirect lending? The Digital Auto Advisors team includes seasoned veterans in the areas of loan origination systems (LOS), loan servicing systems, F&I product cancellations, credit risk management, integration to digital retailers, product distribution, as well as many other areas. We have staff ready to work on a small project basis or longer projects.

Business Strategy and Consulting for Start Up Entrepreneurs

We offer business strategy and consulting for automotive entrepreneurs.


Led by Brian Reed

Brian Reed has demonstrated success as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups with a masterful understanding of business/customer issues and the innovation, creativity, and technological knowledge to solve complex issues.

Since 2009, Brian has focused on solving problems relative to the processing of F&I aftermarket products for F&I administrators, dealers, lenders, agents and digital retailers. This earned him the JD Powers & Associates “Pioneer of the Internet” in 2006 for establishing auto finance on the Internet.​

In addition to founding Digital Auto Advisors, Brian is an Advisor and Board Member to several automotive technology organizations and an early stage investor in great new ideas in the automotive and financial services space.

Brian's automotive experience includes:

  • Building a $2 billion+ indirect auto finance company.

  • Starting an Internet auto loan business within Daimler Benz that merged with competitor (PeopleFirst) and was sold to Capital One Auto Finance (COAF).

  • Heading up a strategic and financial partnership in ZAG while at COAF that became TrueCar.

  • Sitting on the Zag/TrueCar Board of Directors representing COAF as well as an independent board member after leaving COAF.

  • Founding CEO of Pricelock, providing fuel hedging services for businesses and consumers.

  • Co-Founder and CEO of Intersection Technologies – F&I Express, the market leader in connecting F&I providers and administrators to the marketplace.

  • Assembled the largest network of aftermarket F&I providers in the industry, winning many industry awards and accolades.

  • Provided big returns to all founding shareholders in F&I Express.

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Team Experience and Expertise

  • Multiple C-Level Executives from Automotive and Financial Services Industry

  • IT Architecture, Engineering, Infrastructure, Cloud

  • Business Strategy and Planning

  • Digital Retailing

  • Buy and Sell Side Representation

  • Automotive Marketing and Business Development

  • F&I Product Expertise and Technology

  • Automotive Dealer Technology

  • Automotive and Lender Compliance

  • Dealer Compliance

  • Aftermarket F&I Product Administration

  • Attorney General (8 years)

  • Automotive Direct Lending

  • Automotive Indirect Lending

  • Automotive Direct Marketed, Indirect Lending

  • Automotive F&I Product Market Research

  • Automotive Lender Market Research

  • F&I Product Agent Distribution

  • Provider, TPA, Administrator for F&I Products Research

  • Dealership Technology Selection

  • DMS Selection Process

  • F&I Menu Selection

  • F&I Product Compliance

  • F&I Aftermarket Product Cancellations

Car Dealership

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